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New Research Shows That Wine Is Good For Your Brain!

As if you needed an excuse to drink wine? New research from a Yale School of Medicine professor has shown that wine may actually provide a great workout for your brain! It is all down to how your brain processes flavors and scents, according to Dr Gordon Shepherd…

Dr Shepherd found that the muscles in your tongue and thousands of taste and scent receptors are switched on when you swirl wine around in your mouth – offering a stimulus to the brain that is hard to match.

Interestingly, the study also showed how the actual taste of the wine is nothing to do with the drink itself, but rather is actually “created by the brain of the wine taster.” The flavors you taste are based on your “own memories and emotions and those of our companions,” as well as the composition of your saliva, your age, and even your gender.

In fact, swallowing the wine is an integral part of this taste workout for the brain, so spitting it out like at wine tastings doesn’t offer the full benefit!

But, before you get carried away, drinking too much can be bad for the brain – so watch how much of a ‘wine workout’ you are giving your mind!



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