Naomi Campbell In Physical Fight With Employee!


It’s not the first time that Naomi Campbell has used her fists on one of her employees as the 46-year-old model was involved in an altercation with a junior publicist and ironically, the publicist had actually been hired to improve the supermodel’s image!

Ms Campbell is believed to have left a graduate publicist employed by PR firm Bell Pottinger with a bruised face after he turned up at her apartment in New York.

The incident happened shortly before Christmas last year, when Naomi was nursing a bruised foot. Ms Campbell suspected that the graduate publicist had been tipping off the paparazzi about her movements and she struck by wrestling a phone from his hands as he was sending a text message!


From here, the accounts of what went down differ as Naomi says the 26-year-old publicist was a “fantasist” who turned up unannounced. However, friends of the publicist say that he had formed a close bond with the supermodel. Perhaps, as Bell Pottinger insiders say, the young man had got “too close” to their client and they had actually removed him from working with her. He instead decided to visit her while on vacation in Manhattan!

A source close to Ms Campbell explained:

“At the time, Naomi had had an operation and was in a wheelchair or on crutches, and the photographers seemed to know where she’d be. ‘She wanted to get the phone off the PR man because he was texting in her presence and she grabbed it.”

The insider says there was a “struggle,” saying:

“There was no fight as such and she has absolutely no idea how he got a bruised face..”

The source felt it was “far-fetched” to say Naomi caused the injury, “given that she was immobile, had stitches and found it hard to move.”


Speaking about the publicist, the source added:

“He seemed to be a bit of a Walter Mitty character, a fantasist. He was always boasting about his colorful background. He might well have been flirtatious. He started to get addicted to the lifestyle. His head got turned by the bright lights and celebrity and he became a bit delusional. She doesn’t recognize his account of events at all. ‘She does regret snatching the mobile phone because she was a bit paranoid about being followed by paparazzi, but she has no idea about him receiving any injuries.”

Naomi Campbell has since stopped using Bell Pottinger, but her history of assaults – including four court rulings against her – mean that there are some that will question what went down.

Ms Campbell’s friend, however, noted:

“It is very difficult for anybody who’s ever done something in their life. People do always then jump to conclusions afterwards. To be fair, she’s been great the last few years and her career’s been going really well.”

What do you think? Did Naomi give the publicist a quick cuff, or is he just a “fantasist” who has elaborated, if not made up, the whole thing?




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