N.R.A. Mocks Kim Kardashian As New Sextape Scandal Looms!


The National Rifle Association decided to use Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery ordeal as an excuse to mock her and push their agenda on social media. Following the incident, which saw armed men dressed as police enter the reality star’s hotel room and take millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry, the NRA took the opportunity to mock Kim’s support of gun control laws.

The NRA tweeted:



This message appeared to be in response to Kim’s criticism of the US Senate back in June when a gunman killed 49 people at a Florida nightclub, when she tweeted:


A lot of Kim’s fans called out the NRA for what they saw as a “cheap shot” against the star who was bound and gagged by the gunmen who got into her room. However, the robbery has sparked rumors of another concern for Kim, as an insider revealed the thieves made of with two phones, which could lead to another sextape scandal!

An insider said:

“Aside from tons of nude and explicit content featuring her and Kanye, the stolen phones also have so much information on all of Kim’s family members. They are all really freaking out because Kim’s phones had all of their personal info, such as phone numbers, email addresses, schedules, production dates, and much more!”


Phone numbers have been changed, email addresses altered and production schedules switched following the theft, but those pictures and whatever other compromising material were on the phones could still be leaked!


We agree that the NRA took a low shot with their comments about Kim Kardashian – besides we’re not sure how they can balance a robbery in which (fortunately) nobody was shot against just one of many incidents that cost 49 lives! As for the potential for leaking nude and explicit content, the way around this is simply not to have such things stored on your phone! Although, when it comes to Kim, we doubt there’s much that hasn’t been seen before!


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