Music & Drugs – Which Genre Mentions Drugs The Most? (Clue: It’s NOT Hip-Hop!)

Hip-hop gets a pretty bad rep for lyrical content, with politicians often calling the genre out for rhymes that promote drugs, violence, and misogyny. However, a new study has revealed that hip-hop is not the genre that mentions drugs the most – in fact, it is nowhere near the top!

A study of different styles of music revealed that the genre that mentions drugs the most is actually country music, followed by jazz, pop, electronic, rock, other, and folk!

In fact, hip-hop came in last out of the eight genres that were examined!

The study also found that drug references have steadily increased over the years with a peak a few years back followed by a more recent decline.

When it comes to drugs, marijuana was the most mentioned (with over 30% of all mentions) followed by cocaine (22% of all mentions). These were followed by other illegal substances including LSD, pills, methamphetamines, heroin and ecstasy. Although, interestingly there were some splits when it came to which genres mentioned which drugs:

However, hip-hop artists made more drug references than other artists. Former drug dealer Jay Z was found to have made 238 references in his music, Lil Wayne clocked up 247, and Compton rapper The Game made 285. Eminem came in second place overall – having made 305 – but he was still a long way short of the Kottonmouth Kings with 440 drug related references!

Finally, the research broke down which artists mentioned which drugs the most…




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