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Michelle Obama continues to inspire in adorable dancing video…

We have to say that we are a little disappointed with President Trump and his First Lady and it seems plenty of people agree.

Of course, we all know about the craziness that has been going down at the White House lately – whether it is the strange tweets, the oddly cold body language between Donald and Melania, or the general ranting, small handed, comb-over having, madness of it all.

But, what really brings it home is remembering the decorum and class shown by their predecessors, the Obamas. Sure, Michelle may have been happy to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into some dancing or doing the double dutch on TV (check it out.)…

Somehow she manages to pull off the balance between classy and approachable – and she is continuing to do so even now she and Barack have left the White House!

The former First Lady met up with two-year-old Parker Curry, the girl who was wowed by a portrait of Michelle – thinking that Mrs. Obama looked like a queen (she not wrong!).

Anyhow, check out the adorable moment when the meet and dance together:

Barack and Michelle – still more ‘presidential’ than the President!

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