Michael Phelps Continues To Smash Olympic Records


Michael Phelps continues to smash Olympic records by talking his gold medal tally to a staggering 20 gold medals for his career.


Kissing his son Boomer before taking to the pool, Phelps led team USA to a 4X200 freestyle relay victory less than an hour after beating rival Chad Le Clos in the 200m butterfly.


Phelps said his win over Le Clos was ‘revenge’ for 2012, when he was beaten into second place by five hundredths of a second. Speaking on yesterday’s win Phelps said:


“There was so much emotion and so much build up for that race, I don’t want to say it’s revenge, but that’s what it was.”


Phelps has now won a total of 25 Olympic medals with three races to go. In fact, if Phelps was a country all of his own, he would be ranked 40th in the world for gold medals – ahead of nations like Argentina, Mexico and Austria!


With more to come this week, we have to take our (swimming) hats off to Michael Phelps!




Photo Credit: The Political Insider

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