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Mental Health & Success – Can The Two Things Go Together?

We saw an editorial written by Newt Gingrich claiming that Donald Trump simply couldn’t have mental health issues, since he has seen so much success in his life…

Of course, as you probably know, there have been questions about Donald’s mental stability since the publication of the controversial tell-all ‘Fire & Fury.’

While we can’t speak on the state of Donald Trump’s mental health (although we can guess!), there is something concerning about Newt’s assertion.

Newt went into detail about Donald Trump’s business successes and his successful Presidential campaign, before stating:

Now, consider how you would react if someone tried to convince you to ignore this track record and suggest that your incredibly successful friend had questionable mental capabilities.

Wouldn’t you instead be inclined to be curious about how your friend does so many different things competently – and be puzzled that anyone could reasonably suggest he was anything other than capable?

There is no need to imagine, of course, because the left and the news media have spent the past week making this scenario a reality. They’ve made erroneous, malicious claims that President Trump is somehow mentally unfit to lead our country – despite all evidence that he’s doing a fantastic job.

Newt added:

“Remember this the next time you hear someone disparage a person he or she could never compete with in business, politics or even on the golf course.”
However, what Newt fails to recognize is that mental health issues and success are not mutually exclusive.
For example, you couldn’t doubt the amazing talent of the late Michael Jackson, but would you say he was totally without mental health issues?
You see, the real issue is the disservice Newt’s assertion does to those who may be suffering with things like depression, anxiety, or other common conditions.
Is he saying, by default, that these people couldn’t be successful too?
The fact is, Donald Trump could have achieved his success (albeit with plenty of help from his family, connections, privelige, start in life, etc) AND be slightly unstable…
Of course, Donald Trump described himself as a ‘stable genius’ this week as part of another series of tweets:

Stable genius?

What do you think?

Does Donald protest too much?


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