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Melania Trump mocked for ‘Be Best’ campaign

Melania Trump has unveiled her anti-bullying / cyberbullying initiative and has, ironically, opened herself up to a whole load of mocking as a result.

Firstly, let’s brush over the fact that her husband seems to spend much of his day sending out social media messages attacking others and get down to the obvious problem here – the name.

‘Be Best’ just doesn’t sound right – like, shouldn’t there be a ‘the’ in the middle there somewhere?

So, what are the major issues that Melania feels needs addressing?

She revealed the main three issues to tackle are ‘well-being’ (OK), ‘social media use’ (fair enough) and ‘opioid abuse’ (You what? Really? For kids? And why opioids in particular?)…

We’d like to know exactly where Melania got her data from for those to be her most pressing issues – and we’re not alone…

And of course, there is the ‘Be Best’ name itself…

Oh, and that logo?

Maybe Melania should have looked for someone who could ‘Be Best’ at coming up with slogans, graphic design and, well, initiatives in general?



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