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How McDonald’s Fries Helped Catch Facebook Killer Steve Stephens

Facebook killer, Steve Stephens’ time on the run was undone by eagle-eyed McDonald’s employees who spotted him at a drive-thru on Buffalo Road in Erie, PA. Stephens went to the drive thru and ordered a 20-piece McNugget meal with large fries, but staff told him that the fries weren’t ready so they could buy some time and alert the cops.

The restaurant’s manager revealed that Stephens waited after being his chicken nuggets but got twitchy and told staff he had to go before driving off without his fries. However, the delay was long enough for police to respond and get on his tail.

Stephens was then involved in a high-speed chase with police before he finally took his own life in his car.

No doubt police are thanking those McDonald’s employees for their quick-thinking!




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