Mariah Carey Flew Into Rage & Threw Laptop Out Of Window After Fiancé Played Beyoncé Song!



It seems that Mariah Carey isn’t a fan of anyone but herself!


The 46-year-old singer reportedly threw a laptop out of a window after her fiancé, 47-year-old billionaire James Packer tried to romance her by playing Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’ to her.


This apparently all went down last month, as a source revealed:


“Oh boy, was that a disaster! Mariah threw the computer that was playing it via speakers out the window! Seriously, she just trashed it. She ran out of the room screaming. So the night was obviously finished for James, and they retreated to separate parts of the house. And she had a few glasses of wine to cool down.”


Talk about an over-reaction – and did she really have some wine to “cool down” after hearing Beyoncé played in her home?


Reports say that Mariah hates to hear anyone else’s music played in her home…


If true, it sounds like age has certainly done little to calm Mariah’s diva-ish ways!




Photo Credit: Australian Herald

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