Man Tries To Rob Rapper Bun B, Gets Shot, Appears In Court…

You may have seen the reports about a man trying to rob Bun B (above) on 23 April but, if not, here’s the lowdown – and the latest.

Bun B’s wife, Queenie heard a knock at the door at around 5:45 pm and answered, thinking it may be a delivery. However, she was instead confronted at gunpoint by a masked man who demanded she handed over valuables.

Queenie offered to give the robber her Audi, which was in the garage. However, Bun B heard the commotion and headed to the garage, confronting the robber as he was getting into the car.

Bun B, who was armed, shot the intruder in the shoulder, causing him to flee the scene without his own gun. But Bun B gave chase, even unmasking the robber before he finally managed to escape.

However, the robber showed up several hours later at a Houston hospital to seek treatment for his injury and was arrested on 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count of burglary.

The robber, who was identified as 20-year-old DeMonte Jackson (above), has now appeared in court to hear charges.

Jackson, who wore a sling, showed no emotion as the charges were read. Since he had unmasked the robber during the attack, Bun B also identified Jackson in a police line-up.

A bond of $90,000 was set for Jackson…

To be honest, he is lucky to escape with his life – don’t break into people’s homes!

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