Man Spends Entire Year Preparing To Propose To Girlfriend He Met On Tinder!


When Josh Schmitz met his girlfriend, Danielle Roesch, on Tinder it didn’t take long for him to realize that he wanted her to be his wife, but when it came to proposing to her he took his planning to a whole new level!


The couple, both 29, had got into the habit of writing notes for each other as their work schedules mean they don’t get much time together during the week.


Every morning at 4:45am, the heavy equipment manager would leave a note for his girlfriend as he left for work, and would look forward to returning home to find a reply from her.


Josh explained:


“It’s always something to look forward to and it’s a part of our routine. I wanted to be able to show her how much I cared about her every day and I wanted to be able to incorporate work into it too because I spend a lot of time at work.”


As a result Josh decided to shoot a video featuring himself and a written note each day for a whole year, beginning August 19, 2015.


He went on:


“The first month making it was like, ‘Okay, this is pretty fun’ and then it turned into ‘Wow, I’ve got 11 more months. That’s a long time,’ but I stuck with it.”


When the video was finally ready, Josh set up a fake corporate event for Danielle at which the video was played. The 21 minute video ended with Josh asking Danielle to meet her at the lake, where he proposed – using another sign which read “Will you be my wife?”



propose 2


One year to the day when he started shooting his video, Danielle said yes to Josh’s magnificent proposal. He added:


“To see the look on her face of that surprise and you could just tell, she’s known how much I love her but I think it really soaked in. It’s the first and hopefully the last time I’d want to see my girlfriend cry at something.”







Photo Credit: Amy Roesch / Facebook

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