Man Fakes Own Death To Catch His Hitman-Hiring Wife!

Upon hearing of the murder plot, Ramon cooked up a plan with Gustavo, who would pretend he knew two men who could handle the hit. The conversation was recorded and taken to the police who set up a sting operation.

Ramon went on:

“They asked me to pretend to be dead, so we could show the pictures to Lulu.”

Maria offered the fake hitman $4,000, jewelry and Ramon’s truck, paying half of the money up front and promising the rest later.

Ramon posed for the picture, as he revealed:

“Lying in the dirt, pretending to be dead, was terrifying. When I first met Lulu, I certainly didn’t expect our relationship to end like that.”

Ramon hid in a hotel as the photos were shown to his wife, as he continued:

“When I saw the video of her — when they showed her the staged photos of me dead with bullet in the side of my head — she giggled and laughed like she hit the lotto.”

Ramon, now in a relationship with someone new, says the experience changed him forever, saying:

“It would be wrong to say this hadn’t had a lasting impact on me. I’ll never be the same man again.”

Maria, who pled guilty in court, is now serving 20 years in prison.




Photo Credit: Sun

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