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Man Fakes Own Death To Catch His Hitman-Hiring Wife!

A Houston boxing trainer faked his own death so he could help police to catch his wife, who had hired a hitman to kill him.

Maria de Lourdes Sosa wanted out of her marriage, but the divorce was taking too long so she decided to hire a hitman to kill her husband, boxing coach Ramon Sosa.

However, Maria unknowingly approached one of Ramon’s friends to do the job. The man Gustavo, told Ramon of the plan, as the boxing trainer revealed:

“I knew him, because I’d coached him. At first, when he called and said he needed to see me, because someone ‘wanted to kill me,’ I thought he was joking.”

50-year-old Ramon was very much in love with his 47-year-old wife when they were first together, as he explained:

“She would give me manicures, pedicures and foot rubs. She would rub oils onto my back and treat me to massages. It was paradise and my friends were jealous.”

However, things took a downward turn in the marriage after Ramon’s boxing gym began to struggle and because of the financial woes, the pair were still living under the same roof as the divorce proceedings went on.

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