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How To Make The Most Of Your Mind As You Sleep

A number of well-known people boast that they hardly ever sleep – allowing them more time to achieve things. These people include Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and President Donald Trump, who says he only sleeps for three to four hours a night (which explains those late-night Twitter rants!). In fact, Donald once questioned, “How does somebody that’s sleeping 12 and 14 hours a day compete with someone that’s sleeping three or four?”

Of course, most of us need around 8 hours of sleep per night in order to function properly. During this time our minds get to work filtering through the day’s events and even releasing fluids that quite literally flush our brains clean! Far from being a waste of time, making sure you get enough sleep is important for your general well-being, but could we make this time even more productive?

The answer is, yes!

Using your natural subconscious processes to your benefit can improve your confidence and even your performance the next day. It is all about training your brain to filter out the bad and concentrate on the positives each night. By looking at your achievements, you letting your subconscious mind get to work on building a positive picture rather than pulling yourself down with negative thoughts. So, before you go to sleep, try these five steps to set yourself up for a really good night’s sleep!

1. Remember An Accomplishment

You may not feel that you did much today, but try to pick out something that you achieved. Something that you can be proud of. Let yourself feel proud of your success and feel the confidence it builds in you. Let those thoughts of success stay with you for a moment before moving to the next step…

2. Be Grateful

It is easy to feel that things are against us, but if you look you should be able to find plenty to be grateful for. Maybe it is your family or your partner, or perhaps some friends. Think of a few people that have helped you, made you feel loved, or who have made a positive impact on who you are now. Maybe you can recall a lucky break that you can feel grateful for. Feel how your life has some great moments and people – and feel gratitude for them.

3. See Your Success

With all these things to be grateful for and your own achievements you can start looking forward and see the great things you can accomplish next. Visualize yourself achieving something that you have dreamed of. Feel the pride and confidence that comes with this achievement and feel thankful as if you had already achieved your goal.

4. Make A Plan

Now that you have seen your success, work backwards and think of something you can do tomorrow to move a step closer to your goal. Write them down to cement them in your mind and give you something to remind you in the morning. This act also makes more connections to your plan in your brain (one from thinking, one from writing) which will cement it and make it easier for your sleeping brain to get to work on finding solutions.

5. Read Something Inspiring

Before you turn off the light, take a few moments to read something inspiring. It may be a self-help book that relates to your goals, a book by someone who has already achieved what you hope to, or even some inspiring quotes to think about. Try to avoid digital reading as the blue light emitted by screens can cause us problems with going to sleep – an old-fashioned paper book is best at bedtime!


These positive steps should help your subconscious to build your confidence and find solutions to your problems as you sleep. But finally, as you drift off to sleep, think about how refreshed and energised you will feel in the morning!

Sleep well…

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