Low-Life Files: Woman Left With Huge Bill After Online Date Cuts & Runs From Fancy Restaurant


A woman was left to pick up the tab after a date she met on dating site, Plenty Of Fish left cut and ran from a fancy restaurant on L.A. Diane Guilmette was pleased to get a “very flattering” message from a man, later identified as Paul Gonzales, and decided to meet up for a first date.

The pair met at the Morton’s Steakhouse where Gonzales proceeded to order a “lot of food” and several glasses of wine, however things took a turn for the suspicious when he went outside to make a phone call and failed to return.

After 15 minutes of waiting Diane realized that her date was not coming back and she tried to message him on the Plenty of Fish app, but found he had blocked her. She was forced to pay the $163 bill and took to social media to share her story.

Diane’s story prompted other women to come forward and reveal that they had had the same experience with Gonzales, who had a habit of taking women to high-end restaurants before making off and leaving them with the bill.  

While Guilmette has not been put off internet dating, she says she will definitely be more choosy about who she meets up with in future. Meanwhile, it seems that Gonzales isn’t just known to ditch his dates in restaurants as he also faces two pending cases of petty theft and is accused of failing to pay for a haircut at a salon back in February.

What a low-life…



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