Lovers & Liars: 5 Quick Body-Language Tips


We all give off signs with our bodies all the time – but reading them is far from an exact science. While there are plenty of experts out there who say they can tell how someone is feeling from their body language it is easy to get it wrong and misread the signs – especially if we want them to be a certain way! So here are 5 quick body language tips that you can look out for…



When it comes to love it is all-too-easy to get the signs wrong, however, there are a few things that you can look out for. If someone points their toes towards you, it is a good indicator that they like you. Other good signs are the person exposing their neck (perhaps by tilting their head as they talk to you) – this is believed to show trust and vulnerability. Lots of preening (ie touching your own hair) is another decent sign of attraction, while it is also a good test to place something between yourself and the object of your affection. This could be a coffee cup or your bag – if they move it to open up space between you, it can also show attraction. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for all of these things to occur normally, so be careful not to read too much into every action!



Just as our bodies can give away if we like someone they can also show displeasure or a lack of attraction. Turning your body away from someone or creating a barrier by crossing your arms are fairly strong signs that all is not well while, once again, your feet could also be the giveaway as they will turn away from those you don’t like!


No Patience

If you are impatient or if someone wants to leave your company it is common to start talking very quickly and moving your hands in fast, chopping motions. You may even start fidgeting more as if you are impatient to be somewhere else.



If you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure, your shoulders may actually slump and your posture droop down. If you don’t want to look defeated or under pressure, make sure to focus on your posture – which can even actually have a positive impact on your self-confidence!


Liar, Liar!

As well as finding out whether people are in love with us or not, another popular use of body language is to tell if someone is lying to us. In fact, it is very difficult to tell if we are being lied to, even a lack of eye-contact isn’t as sure a sign as you might suppose. However, if used in conjunction with other signs like scratching at your arms or nose, covering your mouth, excessive blinking and stammering then you may be dealing with a liar. This one is very hard to call since a lot of these actions can be for other reasons, such as shyness. Still, it is good to have some idea what you might look out for!




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