Love Pork? How About Heading To ‘Bacon Camp’ This Year?

We know that not everybody eats pork – but it is fair to say that those who do often have a real love for bacon. Indeed, Americans are known to add bacon to everything from chocolate to cocktails, and even candy!

So, why not take your love of bacon to the next level by signing up for ‘Bacon Camp?’

Just like going on camp as a kid, Camp Bacon in Ann Arbor, Michigan lets you revel in your love for pig products.

The annual fundraiser is held by online food shop Zingerman’s and includes activities like a film festival, cooking classes (with plenty of bacon) and a hog roast.

Co-founder Ari Weinzweig said:

“Over the last eight years Camp Bacon has become one of my favorite events of the year here at Zingerman’s. With each year that we do it, my affection for it grows — the connection with the campers grows stronger, the presentations get more interesting, the food gets better, the bacon gets…well, everything’s already better with bacon!”

Tickets are on sale now for those who want to indulge their bacon love, while there is also a free street fair open to the public and including “bacon-based games for kids of all ages.”

The mind boggles!




Photo Credit: Camp Bacon

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