Lottie Moss Poses Half-Nude To Show Off Tattoo Inspired By Sister, Kate


Lottie Moss is certainly inspired by her big sister, Kate!


The 18-year-old has not only followed her big sister into modeling, but she has also just gone and got herself a tattoo that is similar to one Kate has on her lower back.


However, while Kate has two swallows inked on her back, Lottie upped the ante by having three inked under her boob! Clearly she’s not too shy, as she showed off her new ink via a racy snapchat post.



Kate and Lottie have different mothers but the same father – travel agent, Pete Moss.


Pete split from Kate’s mom, Linda in 1987 before marrying Lottie’s mom, Inger.




Photo Credit: Snapchat / Consort

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