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Why Looking At Cute Kittens & Sexy People Is Good For You!

If you think that you are wasting your time or energy looking at cute animals or pictures of good-looking people online then think again! In fact, a study has said that looking at videos of kittens or checking out someone who looks hot can actually help you live longer!

The pleasant emotions that you might experience looking at, for example, a beautifully toned body or a bunch of puppies can help you make better choices about your health.

A report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine saw researchers track 756 people who had either coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, or asthma. Half of them were told to think positive thoughts when they woke up in the morning and make regular positive self-affirmations throughout the day.

It may have taken some time, but the study found that after a year of thinking positive thoughts (maybe brought on by that attractive person or those cute kittens) more than half of the participants had improved their physical activity, as compared to 37% of those who did not think the positive thoughts. This positive effect was found to be true for those with coronary artery disease and to those with high blood pressure.

So, those positive thoughts really make a difference – whether you feel them from looking at some muscular abs, a pair of breasts, or simply some cute animals…

How you get that positive feeling is up to you!

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