LOL…Yeah, Right! We All Know Kylie Jenner Is Store-Bought Like Her Older Sisters (Here’s Proof)


Wow, all we can say is thank goodness for plastic surgeons.  Kylie Jenner can say that all she got worked on were her lips, but looking at this before and after meme and photos, we must beg to differ.  She did a total 360 in a short amount of time, so save the story telling for someone who will buy it (just like she bought this new body and look of hers!). 

OK, so there may be a few people saying, well, she did grow up.  Yes, this is true, but how did she grow up and morph into Kim Kardashian/Blac Chyna in a matter of a few years, right before our eyes?  Kylie was a plain Jane (and there is nothing wrong with being a plain Jane if you own it, it’s the lies that make it sickening).  The whole family is as fake as a $3 bill.  Be. Yourself. Obviously, Kris Jenner never taught most (Kendall and Kourtney seem to get it – sometimes!) of her kids this very instrumental key to life.

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Photo credit: Wire Image/Instagram/Snapchat

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