Live Shows? 3 Things Every Artist Should Know – According To The Weeknd

The Weeknd has just been out on tour with rapper 6lack, who dished on the three things he learned about live shows from the ‘Starboy: Legend of the Fall’ artist.

Atlanta MC, 6lack revealed:

“That tour taught me everything I need to know to go back on the road now.I learned a lot.”

(The Weeknd)

As for those top 3 tips, he revealed:

“I watch the show every night. Every night he performed, I was out there watching. So more than anything it was just stage presence, crowd control, and consistency. To do the same thing every single night for a year, because he’s been touring like non-stop. That’s amazing to me.”

So, there it is – stage presence, crowd control and consistency. So those who lazily rhyme over a backing track while their crew fills up the stage like some kind of private party aren’t cutting it… (You know who you are!).




Photo Credit: Groove Volt

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