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Less Teens Having Sex, Drinking & Taking Drugs – So Why Is This Bad News?

A new report has revealed that teenagers are better behaved than in the past. It seems that they are not drinking as much, taking drugs as much or having sex as much as back in the day. While this seems like good news, there is actually a bad side to all of this too…

The report notes that kids are growing up much slower than previous generations, which means they are slower to mature and become independent.

The study looked at 8.3 million adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19 over the last 40 years to see how behavior has changed, finding that kids these days engage in less adult behaviors. This included things like dating, going out without your parents or getting your first job. So, while teen pregnancies and car accidents are down, could it be that we have gone too far in protecting our kids from the real world?

Researchers theorize that because education is going on longer and families are smaller, parents are being more protective over their kids than in times gone by. Others say that the rise in smart phones could be partly to blame as they allow kids to interact with their friends without having to leave the house and go out socializing.

Clearly there is a line to be drawn between making sure your kids are safe and offering them some independence and teaching them how to be self-sufficient in the real world…

Could it be that we have crossed too far?



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