Leaked Spy Dossier ‘Outs’ Adolf Hitler As Gay!


The treatment of homosexuals by Nazi Germany during the Second World War was horrendous, with thousands being experimented on, beaten and murdered in concentration camps across Europe. However, wartime documents have revealed that the man behind it all, Adolf Hitler, may have been gay himself!

An Allied spy dossier notes that Hitler tended to share houses with like-minded men and quite probably had sexual encounters with several male partners. Using information from informers, a U.S. intelligence agency compiled psychological studies of the Nazi leader, with psychologist Walter C Langer writing in 1943 that:

“Hitler derives pleasure from looking at men’s bodies and associating with homosexuals. His personal body guard is almost always 100% homosexual. The belief that Hitler is homosexual has probably developed (a) from the fact that he does show so many feminine characteristics. And (b) from the fact that there were so many homosexuals in the party during the early days and many continue to occupy important positions.”

The psychologist added that Hitler felt “much more at ease with homosexuals” and that informants had revealed the Fuhrer had “absolutely no interest in women or any contact.”


Of course, Hitler did have a long-term girlfriend, Eva Braun, but could she have just been a ‘beard’ for Hitler?

It seems possible as they reportedly rarely had sex and didn’t have any children together, despite Hitler’s constant talk of the importance of the family. Instead, the dossier says, the 1920s saw Hitler frequent a friend’s house in Munich, which was known as a “meeting place for homosexuals,” where “there was a good deal of drinking and great freedom in sexual activities of all kinds.”

Writing in her book, ‘The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler,’ historian Siobhan Pat Mulcahy wrote:

“Hitler tried to present himself to the German people as a contented heterosexual bachelor (having been advised to do so by propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels) but this ‘false personality’ was very far from the truth. While the Nazi machine began to persecute homosexuals, to imprison them and then to murder its own gay SA leaders, Hitler was enjoying a secret gay relationship with Julius Schreck, his personal Munich chauffeur and former bodyguard who would be his last male companion.”


The dossier concluded that Hitler was not capable of having ‘normal’ sex, although his secret homosexuality is far from the worst allegation thrown at the Nazi leader. Sources have also claimed that he craved what has been described as “poo sex” (we’ll let you use your imagination) and that he had this fantasy carried out on him by his own niece! Nasty…




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