Kylie Jenner Does A ‘Kim Kardashian’ AGAIN For Almost Nude Photo Shoot!


We are not sure when the Kardashian/Jenner publicity reign will end (well, perhaps when we all stop talking about them!), but we must say that little Kylie Jenner is clearly morphing into her older sister every day.

Do they go to school? We get the fact that they’re mini-moguls in training, but it just seems like over-sexualizing yourself at 19 years old just isn’t cool.  But, whatever, here is Kylie doing a ‘Kim Kardashian’ with barely any clothes on for this shoot.  We guess when she hits 21 is when it will all come off. Ridiculous.


Nope, we’re not ‘hating,’ just stating facts.

Source: Kylie’s Instagram

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