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Kourtney Kardashian’s Top 3 Motivational Tips To Get Fit

37-year-old reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian has certainly worked hard to get herself in shape. From making sure she has a healthy and balanced diet to hitting the gym, staying motivated can be a real problem. However, the benefits to doing a regular workout are clear to see – not just when it comes to your physical shape either!


Mother of three, Kourtney explained:

“Since I started working out regularly, I’ve noticed such a difference in my anxiety level, body, overall energy and mood. Being a working mommy of three, there are a handful of things that keep me excited and motivated to work out.”

But, what keeps Kourtney motivated to hit the gym – and could her tips help you to stay in shape too?


“FRIENDS! Working out with my friends (or my sisters) makes me feel accountable and helps get me through tough sessions. I have so much fun with them and it’s always nice to have a competitive spirit present to make the workout easier or harder! I set the schedule the night before, so I can’t flake in the morning.”

Having someone to work out with is a great idea – it makes it much harder for you to miss a day or two if you know others are depending on you turning up too!


“NEW WORKOUT GEAR. A major workout session needs cute gear — you know, for motivation. New sneakers or a cute sports bra are great motivation to get to the gym.”

Look good, feel good? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give yourself a little workout-wear boost – but you’ll certainly feel more motivated in something fresh-looking.


“MY INNER COACH. On the mornings when I don’t want to workout, I remind myself how good I always feel afterward. In particular, it really helps with my anxiety.”

Keeping yourself motivated by thinking of the positives of the workout is certainly a good idea too – you know you’ll feel much better after your workout – so just get out there and get in shape for your body and your mind!



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