Kiss Singer, Gene Simmons Says Prince & Michael Jackson Made A “Choice” To Die



Kiss singer, Gene Simmons is known for opening his mouth without engaging his brain or at least trying to be controversial seemingly for the sake of it. His latest ill-thought-out comments concern Prince and Michael Jackson – implying that both chose to die!


When Prince passed away in May, Simmons insisted it was from a drug overdose, despite no official cause of death having been released at the time. Now, speaking to a US radio station, Simmons has followed up his theory, saying:


“I knew Prince and I knew Bowie. Bowie died from disease. Prince died from drugs, as did Michael Jackson. Drugs killed them, but it was a choice. It’s so sad they went that way, because you have every reason to live. You hurt your fans and you hurt everybody.”




Simmons, who has never drunk or taken drugs, had previously apologised for his words concerning Prince and drugs, saying:


“I have a long history of getting very angry at what drugs do to the families and friends of addicts. I didn’t express myself properly.”


But now, a seemingly more forthright Simmons stated:


“I’d stated it for a fact: he died because of drugs use. People got very upset, but that’s why he died. Drugs are a selfish thing. This generation, and previous ones, believe that drugs use are a part of life, but I reject that. You play with fire, you’re going to get burnt.”




While we totally understand Gene’s staunch views on drug use, we have to question how he is delivering his message..


Saying that Michael Jackson or Prince “chose” to die is to completely disregard any other factors that contributed to their drug use in the first place.


Sorry Gene, but you’re just wrong with this one, rather than bringing a message against drug use, you’ve just insulted legions of fans with your poor choice of words…


Then again, we don’t imagine there’s too much crossover between Gene’s fans and those of Michael Jackson or Prince?




Photo Credit: Brave Words / Chicago Tribune / United Charity

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