Kim Kardashian Pictured In Beachside Wet T-Shirt Shot!



Kim Kardashian West (to give her full name) certainly knows how to keep the publicity wheels rolling!


OK, so a lot of her game plan involves posting nude or scantily-clad shots of herself – but it seems to keep working for her!


In fact, it seems that Kim is doing her utmost to keep working her ‘brand,’ as shown by a recent shot from her vacation to Mexico with her kids and a few close friends.


With the kids elsewhere, Kim posed for a shot alongside two pals – but somehow Kim’s t-shirt (and only Kim’s t-shirt) seems to have got wet!




OK, so it may be a pretty obvious publicity ploy, but she has done well to get back in shape following her last pregnancy, so why shouldn’t she flaunt her figure a little?


Not that anything is likely to stop her!




Photo Credit: Jasmine Sanders/Instagram

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