Katy Perry’s Marriage Plans On Hold As Orlando Bloom Refuses To Sell Bachelor Pad!


We thought that maybe Katy Perry could catch a break in love with Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom – but it seems the relationship has hit a snag already!

Sources say that 39-year-old Bloom is refusing to sell his Malibu bachelor pad despite Katy’s insistence!

An ‘insider’ reportedly revealed:

“Katy and Orlando have talked extensively about tying the knot, and settled on a tentative date in early 2017. But their plans came to a screeching halt when they couldn’t agree where to settle down as man and wife!”

The source went on:

“Katy wants to buy a ranch in Montecito, near Santa Barbara, where she grew up and where her family is based. But Orlando is digging in his heels, and refusing to give up his Malibu bachelor pad because his ex, Miranda Kerr, and their 5-year-old son, Flynn, live minutes away.”

Sources say that Orlando had even bought a $1 million engagement ring for Katy, 31, but it is still in the box while they work out their living situation. The insider concluded:

“Katy and Orlando were talking about having lots of babies and growing old together! Now neither will budge over where to live together, and their wedding planning is on hold.”

What do you think, is Katy right to feel upset about Orlando not selling up – or is he right to ask that they live closer to his son?

It sounds a bit like two people who are used to getting what they want and unable to compromise – maybe it is better they see this now than after walking down the aisle…




Photo Credit: US Magazine

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