Katt Williams Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Police Brutality (If You Can Get Past His Outfit)

Katt Williams is an undeniable comedic talent and a very smart man if you listen to his comedy routines, but there seems to be a screw missing somewhere.  It is truly as if the devil and God are playing tug a war with his soul.  On one side, he does the right thing, then on the other, he does some completely asinine things that are incomprehensible. Just like DMX, who was just as talented as Jay-Z, has found himself continually in trouble with the law, so has Katt Williams.

Well, fast forwarding to today, check out this interview with Comedy Hype at the second annual Golf Beef hosted by Red Grant. It is clearly evident that Williams is an intellectual – if you can get past his quarantine ensemble.  He talks about what we can do to help with police brutality.  Do you agree?

Um, Katt, we know it is summer where you are, too! So, what in the Sam Hill made you choose that ‘fit?

Credit: YouTube

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