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Justin Timberlake Set For Super Bowl Half-Time Show

Justin Timberlake is set to return to the Super Bowl stage, 14 years after he infamously appeared as a guest for Janet Jacksonโ€™s half-time show in 2004.

You may recall how he managed to expose Janetโ€™s breast, which led to the FCC tightening up its rules and the birth of the phrase โ€˜wardrobe malfunction.โ€™

However, despite the controversy, which some feel derailed Janetโ€™s career, Justin is set to return for Super Bowl LII in 2018. Some people feel that Timberlake should take time to apologise to Janet, but weโ€™re not with that.

โ€ฆWe reckon he should bring her out on stage!




Photo Credit: Rolling Stone / Instagram

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