Jilted Man Files Lawsuit To Get $125,000 Engagement Ring Back – Is He Right?



31-year-old Bradley Moss was engaged to 27-year-old Amy Bzura for nearly a year before she ended up calling their relationship off – before they tied the knot. The couple had lived together in Manhattan for three years and were due to get married this past October.

While there is no reason given for why the relationship failed, Bradley is keen to get the $125,000 engagement ring he bought back from his former fiancée – either that or she should cough up its value in cash!


He says he wrote to Amy asking her to return the ring, but says she “willfully and maliciously refused.”

Looking to take a legal route, sources say Bradley has now filed a lawsuit to get the ring or his money back – but is he right?


No: Of course he’s not right. He bought the ring for her, he gave her the ring, therefore it’s hers. She can do what she likes with it.

Yes: Hang on there! The engagement ring was a promise, a token, a sign that they were to get married. That promise was broken when the relationship ended. Besides, why would she want to keep the engagement ring? To remind her of the relationship and why it didn’t work? Is she going to wear it? Come on, she’s clearly just after the money herself…

So, who’s right? Should she return the ring, or should he write it off to experience?




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