Jay-Z Has Some Wise Words On Mental Health & Bullying

If you didn’t already guess from his success, Jay-Z is a pretty smart man. As he showed during a recent interview on CNN where he addressed the topics of mental health and bullying.

The rapper was speaking with Van Jones about the stigma that surrounds getting help with mental health issues, especially for young people. Jay even opened up about his own troubles with mental health.

Jay explained that he had been to therapy and that he just focused on the simple importance of just talking to someone about your problems and how much it helps.

Jay also touched on the topic of bullying offering some advice in how to change the interaction between yourself and a bully  – by showing empathy:

“How can [children know] when a guy is bullying you, all you have to do is say, ‘Man, are you OK?'”

Aside from addressing these issues, Jay-Z also opened up about his thoughts on President Trump, married life with beyonce, and more!

Check it out in full, right here:


Courtesy YouTube / Photo CNN


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