Japanese Police Finally Catch 74-Year-Old Ninja Thief!

Police in Japan have finally arrested a thief who dressed as a ninja to carry out more than 250 break-ins – only to find out that the culprit was 74!

While he usually covers his face, it was finally caught on security camera, which led to police surveillance and his eventual arrest in July.

The “Ninja of Heisei” has been charged with thefts worth 30m yen ($260,000; £200,000) over eight years.

However, police believed they were tracking someone younger as the ninja thief was able to effortlessly run along the top of walls in order to stay off the street.

Police say that the suspect, who “was dressed all in black just like a ninja,” would go about his business like any other elderly man during the day but would go into an abandoned building at night where he would don his ninja clothes before using the cover of darkness for his crime spree.

Following his arrest, the man said:

“If I were younger, I wouldn’t have been caught. I’ll quit now as I’m 74 and old enough.”



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