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Is Tupac Alive? New ‘Evidence’ Released…


22 years after he was shot in Las Vegas, folks are still saying that Tupac Shakur is actually alive and living in Cuba – or should that be Malaysia?

The first piece of new evidence came courtesy of Michael Nice, who runs a YouTube channel focusing on the notion that Tupac is hiding out in Cuba. If you believe the story, the rapper heard that there was a hit out on him and was planning to flee the U.S. when he was shot in Las Vegas. Except, he didn’t die from his wounds and instead was secretly flown out to Cuba.

Nice claims that Fidel Castro sanctioned the secret move, asserting:

‘There were terms and conditions on that sanction. There was a limit to the amount of time. There were conditions on his behaviour. He must not confess to actually be in Cuba.’

However, according to Nice, an attempted coup on Castro, who died in 2016, saw his phone tapped and evidence of Tupac being in the country was discovered. Nice went on:

‘[Tupac] was supposed to be dead, allegedly a wanted felon, that would bring his government down and oust him as leader. Those guys involved in that coup plot, they have evidence of Castro sanctioning Tupac to reside in Cuba for a limited amount of time. These guys involved in the coup plot, some of them were found out, some of them were still involved in Cuban politics and it’s quite a complex situation and again when the whole story come out that would be world news that could topple the Cuban government. That’s how big it is. Again there are government bodies and foreign agencies who wouldn’t want this sort of information to come out. There will be attempts to discredit it.’

You can check out Nice’s video below, but be sure to keep reading after, as there is more ‘evidence’ that Tupac is not dead to follow…

However, that’s not all, as Suge Knight’s son, Suge Knight Jnr has also piped up to say that Tupac is actually living in Malaysia.

Suge Jnr put out a series on Instagram posts, claiming:

‘Tupac is alive… he never left us’

He also posted what appeared to be threatening text messages he received:

There are also a couple of photographs showing 50 Cent and Beyonce with Tupac:

Suge Jnr claims that he is being followed by people who want to silence him as a result of the claims that ‘Pac is alive:

And, in case you were wondering, he added:

Suge Jnr then added:

Suge Jnr, who genuinely seems to feel his life is in danger, went on to post a video that he says is of Tupac hiding out in Malaysia (where we presume he must have moved after Castro died?):

We guess Tupac will always be the ‘Hip-Hop Elvis.’ So, do you think after all these years, Tupac is alive, and would he be sitting quietly all this time? Hmmm …

What do you think?

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