Is This Child Abuse Or When Social Media Just Makes A Plain Damn Fool Out Of You? **Warning, This Video WILL Piss You Off!

This black Texas mother can be heard yelling at her 8-year old child for ‘voting’ for Trump. 

Many people are outraged by the video which went viral a few days ago after the woman recorded it using her cell phone, with many saying she should be locked up for mental abuse.  She is heard on the video saying: “Since you voted for Trump, you can get your s—t and get out.” “Uh, uh, the suitcase is packed by the door.”

The boy is seen crying profusely with his suitcase waiting for him at the door. Not to mention the baby in a diaper with no shoes on walking around in the background – perhaps that was just as disturbing to watch, in our opinion and made the video look crazier.

The bottom line is that everyone wants to be a social media ‘star’ at any cost not realizing there are ramifications for being ‘ignorant’ to how the social media ‘game’ works. This woman is a mother not realizing the effects of what this can do to her son down the line, all just to get a laugh, like or attention from her followers.  The posting of this video is just what we call ‘another damn fool move for social media.’ Social media has many folks doing some crazy things all for a like, and this happens to be one of them which has gone too far.

Was she out of line? Sure she was. Hey, this is the divided culture which Donald Trump has created when he set the tone for such a racist campaign, and these are the consequences.

The reality is, people need to stop posting all of the craziness they are posting on social media unless it is a video that will save someone’s life. You post stupid things on social media; these are the results that will accompany them – GUARANTEED. Your every move does not need to be documented for the world to see (this is how you land yourself in hot water).

For now, check out the video below – it may be removed soon and let us know what you think. Is this abuse or another case of social media making a fool of someone?


According to reports, the mother who says this was all “a joke,” is presently being investigated by Fort Bend County’s Sheriff Office and Child Protective Services.

What do you think?

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