Is Kris Jenner Spying On Kanye West?


Sources say that Kris Jenner is keeping a close eye on daughter, Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West. In fact, to be more precise, Kris has apparently got her boyfriend, Corey Gamble to ‘babysit’ Kanye and “spy” on what the rapper is doing!

A source claimed:

“Corey has been with Kanye in New York and even followed him to Trump Tower for his meeting with the President-Elect. Kris is a control freak and Kanye being such a loose cannon scares her. Now she has her boyfriend shadowing Kanye 24/7 and reporting back.”


The sources say that Kanye doesn’t realize he is being spied on (although he may do now this gossip has broken), as the insider added:

“Kanye likes Corey. Corey fits into his group and has a talent for disappearing so you forget he is even with you.”

Another insider added:

“He [Corey] is the perfect person to keep tabs on unpredictable Kanye without drawing attention to what’s going on. Corey is literally sleeping with the boss, Kris – who is known within the Kardashian world as ‘The Godfather!’”


The reason for setting up Corey to spy on Kanye?

Word has it that Kris is gathering information that can be used if Kim ever decides to file for divorce. What do you think? Is Kris really that manipulative?




Photo Credit: Radar / ETOnline

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