Is It Right To Keep The Engagement Ring After A Divorce? (Angelina Jolie Thinks So!)


As the recent split of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has shown us, even the most secure seeming relationships sometimes come to an end.

While we can’t possibly know exactly what went on between the Hollywood couple, their impending divorce has raised an interesting question – what should happen to things like the engagement ring following a divorce?


Jolie has filed a request to get “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects” as part of her divorce proceedings, which will most-likely include many expensive items that Brad bought for her over the course of their 12-year relationship – not least her $250,000 diamond engagement ring!


Of course, there will be some people who would say that the jewels are Jolie’s since they were bought for her like any other gift, while some would no doubt say that they wouldn’t care about the cost and would ditch the engagement ring because of what it signifies.

What do you think, is it right to keep the jewels when the relationship is over?




Photo Credit: HuffPost / Pixabay / SheFinds

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