Is It A Galaxy Note 7 Or A Bomb? Watch What People Have To Go Through Just To Return Explosive Samsung Phone

As an owner of one of Samsung’s previous Note phones (and, yes, it does overheat), we are shocked that a company as big as Samsung let such a defective device hit the market.  It’s going to cost them in the sum of billions ($19 billion is the number floating around as of now) to rectify what has happened with the Note 7, so we are sure heads are going to roll over there at their corporate office (if they have not already!). 

Watch as Brandon from XDA Developers goes through all of the content of the return box (and you will be surprised to see what is in it). It must have cost Samsung an additional grip just to get the faulty phones returned back to them.  Why not allow customers to just take a video (since they can’t take it with their phone, we guess they’ll have to pull out the old-school camcorder) to show proof of defect, and then just throw the phone in the trash.

We know that the people over there at Apple are just snickering away.

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