Inside Kanye West’s Hospitalization…What’s Really Going On?


While some said that his hospitalization was just a publicity stunt, it seems that it’s actually much more serious for Kanye West who has been held under a doctor’s care and supervision for over a week.

The rapper was accused of assaulting a gym employee and subsequently declared to be a risk to himself or others (hardly the sort of ‘publicity’ you would want to fabricate, surely?).

Insiders say that Kanye has suffered some sort of mental breakdown and is depressed and paranoid. Of course, the incident that saw him admitted to hospital was preceded by a few ‘warning signs,’ including saying he would have voted for Donald Trump (if he had voted), calling out friends Jay Z and Beyonce, and cutting a show short after just three songs.


Some say that the breakdown was triggered by the robbery of his wife, Kim Kardashian in Paris on October 3rd. A source claimed:

“He’s been shaken up ever since the robbery in Paris. It did a number on him as much as Kim. The mere thought that anything could happen to her sent him in a tailspin. He wasn’t sleeping and he was having nightmares about it.”

Other reports say that Kim’s decision to remove herself from the limelight following the robbery have left Kanye feeling lonely while on tour:

“Without having Kim by his side during the tour as planned, Kanye wasn’t able to snap back. Kim being absent because of her own struggles seems to be why things are different with Kanye this time.”


That said, Kim has stayed by Kanye’s side since his hospitalization, so hopefully her support will aid his recovery. That said, other sources say that it was actually the 2007 death of his mother, Donda West, that really triggered Kanye’s fall.

She died due to complications related to a plastic surgery procedure, and Kanye’s slide seemed to coincide with the date of her funeral, November 20th. This was the date when Kanye decided to cancel his show at the L.A. Forum before calling off the rest of his tour. Some suggest that Kanye has never properly grieved for the loss of his mom and that November is always a particularly tough time for him.

As for the paranoia, sources say that became evident once Kanye was admitted to UCLA Medical Center, where he refused to let doctors touch him and complained that people were trying to ruin his marriage!

Sources say that Kanye has begun to calm down but also that there are no immediate plans to let him go home…

Mental health issues are real – regardless of fame, finance, or status!




Photo Credit: Wired / Wire Image / Yahoo


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