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Identical Twins Plan To Get Pregnant By The Same Guy – At The Same Time!

Meet Anna and Lucy De Cinque – a pair of identical twins from Australia…

Like many identical twins, this pair have a lot in common – although they also share a few more unusual traits and characteristics – such as getting the same plastic surgery and dating the same guy…

They have both been dating Ben Byrne since 2012 – but want to take things a step further and both get pregnant by him – at the same time!

Word has it that they plan to both fall pregnant together so that they can give birth together too!

Of course, this puts quite a lot of pressure on Ben to get the job done (as it were!). Plus, there’s the fact that, if it works, the kids will be cousins and siblings at the same time – while Ben will be both a father and an uncle at the same time (sort-of)!

Still, that’s not the only time this threesome have had unusual plans – as they tried to all get married back in 2016, but that couldn’t legally happen in Australia as Ben was unable to be married to both twins at the same time!

We imagine that there are plenty of guys thinking that Ben has got it made – but just imagine having to handle two pregnant women at the same time – not to mention the kids!

What do you think? Should they be allowed to do what they want or is there something just a little bit odd about all of this?


(Photo Credit: Instagram)

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