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Huge Wooden D*ck Statue Erected In Austria – But Why?

At first glance, you may think it is like the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio, but then you realize that you are looking at a huge wooden dick!

That’s right, this is a statue that has been erected on Mount Oetscher in the Austrian Alps.

The wooden boner is stood at 6,211 feet up on Mount Oescher and yet it is something of a mystery how it got there.

Some say that the giant penis may have been made by travelers from Finland, where there is a pastime called “leirikyrpä” (‘camp cock’), which involves campers passing the time by carving dildos out of wood.

But, surely not, right? We mean, that’s one hell of a dildo!

However it got there, local ski lift operators have asked those who carved the statue to secure it so it doesn’t fall over during a storm. Like, just imagine being killed by a huge falling wooden d*ck while you are out hiking!




Photo Credit: Facebook


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