How To Make (& Keep) Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a New Year, which means a new start for many people. While we can’t understand why so many people wait until January 1st to make positive changes in their lives, we can’t be mad that people are looking at ways to improve themselves for the future.

The trouble, as all those unused gym memberships will show a few weeks from now, is keeping up with your promises to yourself – but there is a secret to making resolutions that you will keep.

However, it’s not really a ‘secret’ at all – and is pretty obvious when you think about it. There are just two things you need to do when making your new Year’s Resolutions – make sure they are exact and measurable.

So, for example, if you want to get yourself in shape, don’t just say your goal is to lose weight, but work out how much weight, by when, and how.

It is far better to say that you will go to the gym for an hour three tmes a week, or that you will take up another form of measurable regular exercise. 

Of course, not all goals can be so easily measured – maybe you want to be kinder to people this year. How will you manage that?

Maybe you will decide to give a regular donation to charity, or perhaps you will try to be nicer to that annoying co-worker.

Whatever you hope to improve (and you really should try to improve yourself constantly) – make sure to set exact, measurable goals to achieve what you want!

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