How About A Career As A ‘Weed Sommelier?’


It is not uncommon for people to ask for some advice when it comes to choosing the right wine – which goes best with the seafood dish you ordered for example – but how about someone who can advise you on what weed to buy?

With the legalization of marijuana in some states it perhaps makes sense for people to speak with an ‘expert’ – and now a number of institutions are offering courses to teach people all about different strains of the plant. One institution, the Trichome Institute, are offering two courses for $324 (although there are group discounts!).


The idea is that each variety of marijuana has its own unique flower structure and ‘terpenes’ which produce different aromas. This means that each scent can be used to determine what effect the weed will have on users – or even what foods it would work well with!

This is just the latest in a number of weed-related businesses that have sprung up since the relaxing of laws on recreational cannabis use in Washington DC, Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon.


While it is not expected that weed-sommeliers will be replacing wine waiters at the dinner table anytime soon, there are real fears within the alcohol industry that there could be a drop in sales of hard liquor as a result.




Photo Credit: CBC / High Times

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