Hillary Clinton Makes First, Formal Public Speech Appearance Since Losing Presidential Election



 Hillary Clinton put on a brave face as she had to address the people at the Children’s Defense Fund on Wednesday, November 16, 2017. Her first formal public appearance since losing the presidency to Republican President-Elect, Donald Trump.

Clinton’s solid work for children has been highly documented over the years, and is a legacy which the first woman to be elected as a party nominee for president, will carry with her long after her demise.

The crowd chanted ‘Hillary, Hillary!’ She was dubbed as the ‘people’s president,’ and while that may not be what she wanted, she has allowed for young women in the future to realize they, too, can possibly become president. So, we will just say that Clinton is continually laying the ground work for the children of the future.

See the video below posted by The Washington Post, and check out the full story here.


Keep your head up, Hillary!

Source/Photo credit: The Washington Post

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