Heart-Warming ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Video Raises Thousands For Charity!




A heart-warming video featuring an elderly dementia sufferer has raised thousands for charity.


79-year-old Ted McDermott used to work as an entertainer at a holiday camp but was diagnosed with dementia back in 2013.


His son, Simon, became concerned that Ted was starting to forget some of his favourite songs, and decided to take him to a recording studio. As Simon explained:


“I really wanted to make a recording for myself really, and for the rest of the family. So if that date comes when he can’t remember any of the words, we’ve still got him.”


The session then led to the father and son going out together in the car, Simon continued:


“It just became a thing that me and my dad would go out for a drive, and I’d record it for myself, just for posterity.”


However, before long, the videos became a social media sensation, which gave Simon a great idea:


“I wanted to give something back to the Alzheimer’s Society, because they really helped me in quite a bad time, and I thought if put a link to Just Giving, we might be able to raise a bit of money for them.”


The video, which shows Ted and Simon singing ‘Quando, Quando’ together has already had over 145,000 views on YouTube and has raised tens of thousands for charity!





Photo Credit: YouTube

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