Heart-Breaking! Terminally-Ill 5-Year-Old Boy Dies In Santa Claus’ Arms As Final Wish Granted


A U.S. man granted a dying 5-year-old boy’s final wish to meet Santa Claus at his bedside.

60-year-old Eric Schmitt-Matzen put on his Santa Claus outfit to grant the terminally ill boy’s final wish at a local Tennessee hospital. Schmitt-Matzen reveals how he gave the boy a gift and a Christmas present before the boy passed away in his arms.

The boy’s family tearfully watched on from the hallway, as Schmitt-Matzen revealed:

“When I felt the life go from him, I looked up, tears running down my face, and looked over at the window and that’s when [his] mom started screaming.”

The Santa impersonator had asked the family to stay outside the room if they were going to break down in tears, explaining:

“I have to be the happy guy that makes this kid feel great and smile and forget his worries. I said, ‘If you’re going to lose it, you have step out in the hallway and afterwards, I’ll stand out in the hall and cry with you.'”

This heart-breaking story is actually the fourth time that Schmitt-Matzen has dressed up to make a death-bed visit in his six years of playing the role of Santa Claus.


(Mr Schmitt-Matzen with his wife, who also sometimes dresses as ‘Mrs Claus’)

Mr Schmitt-Matzen revealed:

“The little guys and girls have a hard time fathoming the whole concept of death, but they know Christmas and they know they have a lot of fun. He [the boy in the latest case] was more concerned about missing Christmas than he was about dying. All he knew was he didn’t feel good.”

Mr. Schitt-Matzen gave the dying boy a toy from the television show PAW Patrol, which had been bought by his mother, before the boy asked where he would go when he died. Schmitt-Matzen replied that the boy was “Santa’s Number One elf” and he would be welcomed. The boy then gave Santa a hug as he asked, “Santa, can you help me?” before passing away in Mr. Schmitt-Matzen’s arms.

“It’s still tough to relive,” the Santa impersonator said, but noted that he would do it again, “If somebody calls I’ll do it. It hurts, but I’ll do it.”

A heart-breaking story, but Mr. Schmitt-Matzen is a true Christmas hero.



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