Guy Gets Twin Sisters Pregnant At The Same Time – The World Weighs In!

The guy in the picture is a personal trainer named Keonyae, who has been on social media to boast about how he got twin sisters Nia and Nydia pregnant within one month of each other. 

Keonyae met the twins at his gym and started dating one of them before hooking up with the other one too.

The three ended up in a relationship together – a “throuple” as Keonyae described it – and have been together for a while now.

However, things have got a bit serious after Nia and then Nydia fell pregnant just one month apart.

Keonyaedidn’t seem to care, as he boasted:

“I bet ima the only n***a y’all know wit twin baby mommas and both kool wit it I need a show blood.”

The boast went viral and has led to a mixed reaction online, with some wondering whether this counted as incest, while one commentator simply noted:

“Twin child support checks on the way”

Others wondered where the parents of the twin girls were and some even thought that this was something to be admired (at least from Keonyae’s point of view):

“Get dat hate yo blood my guy bro get all the player points nd they cool wit it u can’t hate dat”

However, it was also pointed out that:

“Hate? Those kids will be siblings And cousins at the same time and you telling me I’m hating on that? Are you retarded? 😂 maybe you were conceived this way I don’t know”

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