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Grow up or I’m gone? 5% of UK divorces this year caused by ‘Fortnite’

In case you didn’t know, ‘Fortnite’ is a video game that is pretty much aimed at middle school kids – but the popular game has had a surprising effect on marriages in the UK as reports say it is the reason behind 5% of divorces this year!

Divorce Online revealed that 200 of their total 4,665 online divorce petitions said that Fortnite was the reason behind the break-up!

Of course, there may have been other issues in the marriage, but we’re still pretty surprised to find that a video game aimed at kids is causing adults to split up!

Could it be time for people to get a reality check?

That said, The World Health Organization recently recognized video game addiction as a genuine mental health problem – so perhaps the question lies in how these games are made to appeal to people more than their real lives?

No, us neither!

People really do need to get a grip (and we expect by ‘people’ we mostly mean men!)

What do you think?

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