Is It Good That Prince Harry Is Marrying A Black Woman?

You have probably heard the news that British royal, Prince Harry is engaged to African American actress, Meghan Markle. It will actually be Meghan’s second marriage, as she was previously wed to film producer Trevor Engelson between 2011 and 2013.

But, is it a good thing that the British royal family will have some diversity at last?

This is down to the racism that runs through much of the ‘establishment’ – but actually makes Harry’s move more remarkable. Hopefully, his engagement to Meghan Markle will change a few attitudes, but there may be some awkward moments yet…

Being a white British man myself and having married a black woman, I can testify that things aren’t always easy. It has nothing to do with the relationship itself, but more to do with the attitudes of others. Now, I don’t expect Prince Harry will have to fight racists outside a nightclub like I did, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be down with the relationship.

Some have already pointed out that, since Meghan is mixed-race, she is somehow more ‘palatable’ than if she had not had any white parentage. Plus, let’s not forget that Meghan isn’t exactly ‘hood’ – otherwise she would never have moved in the circles to meet Harry in the first place!

However, the fact remains that Meghan is not part of the white British establishment and so her marrying into the Royal family sends out a strong message that is long overdue.

Maybe things would be different if Harry was in line to the throne like his big brother William, and he may have been pressured to take a different wife?

But overall, Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle is a good thing – if only to bring in some fresh DNA! 😊


Photo Credit: BBC

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